Gatchel, Perry County, Indiana
Gatchellville, York County, Pennsylvania
Getchell, Humboldt County, Nevada
Getchell, Kennedy County, Illinois Boys State
Getchell, Snohomish County, Washington
Getchell Corner, Kennebec County, Maine
Getchell District, Lake Stevens, Washington
Getchell Prairie, Minnesota
Getchell Township, Barnes County, North Dakota
Potosi-Getchell Mining District, Humboldt County, Nevada
Sources: Falling Rain Genomics + Earth Search

Gatchell Green, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Lane, Bicknoller, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Lane, Chichester, New Hampshire
Gatchell Meadow, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Road, Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma/San Diego, California
Gatchell Road, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Gatchell Street, Black Mountain, North Carolina
Gatchell Street, Buffalo, New York
Gatchell Street, Buffalo, Wyoming
Gatchell Way, Epping, New Hampshire
Getchell Avenue, Begely, Minnesota
Getchell Avenue, Grayslake, Illinois
Getchell Avenue, Woonsocket, Rhode Island
Getchell Lane, Freedom, Maine
Getchell Lane, Hallowell, Maine
Getchell Road, Foster's Corner, Maine
Getchell Road, Hermantown, Minnesota
Getchell Road, Snohomish, Washington
Getchell Street, Amity, Oregon
Getchell Street, Helena, Montana
Getchell Street, Randolph, Massachusetts
Getchell Street, Santa Cruz, California
Getchell Street, Theodore, Alabama
Getchell Street, Waterville, Maine
Getchell Street, Winslow, Maine
Getchell Way, Canton, Massachusetts
Getchell Way, Randolph, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Gatchell Klein Arts Center, Miss Hall’s School, Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Gatchell Cemetery, Cumberland County, Maine
Gatchell Cottage, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Farm, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Green (park), Essex County, Massachusetts
Gatchell House, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Spinney, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell United Methodist Church, Des Moines, Iowa
Getchell Cemetery, Kennebec County, Maine
Getchell Cemetery, McLeod County, Minnesota
Getchell Church, Barnes County, North Dakota
Getchell Landing Strip, Humboldt County, Nevada
Getchell Library, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada
Getchell Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada
Getchell Mine Dam, Humboldt County, Nevada
Getchell Section Five Pit, Humboldt County, Nevada
Getchell Street Baptist Church, Waterville, Maine
Getchell Street Garage, Helena, Montana
Getchell Town Hall, Barnes County, North Dakota
Getchell Whitcher School, Barnes County, North Dakota
Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, Buffalo, Wyoming
King’s Gatchell, Trull, Somerset County, England

Gatchel Pond, Perry County, Indiana
Gatchell Sandstone oil reservoir, San Joaquin Basin, California
Getchel Hill, Bent County, Colorado
Getchel Lakes, Washington County, Maine
Getchel Meadows, Wallowa County, Oregon
Getchel Mountain, Washington County, Maine
Getchel Ridge, Wallowa County, Oregon
Getchel Spring, Clark County, Nevada
Getchell Brook, Aroostook County, Maine
Getchell Brook, Penobscot County, Maine
Getchell Brook, Somerset County, Maine
Getchell Coulee (valley), Rosebud County, Montana
Getchell Cove, Gualala, California
Getchell Creek, Stearns County, Maine
Getchell Gulch, Mendocino County, California
Getchell Hill, Marysville, Snohomish County, Washington
Getchell Lake, Stearns County, Minnesota
Getchell Mountain, Penobscot County, Maine
Getchell Nature Trail, Saxonville, Massachusetts
Getchell Plateau, Snohomish County, Washington
Getchell Riffles (rapids), Washington County, Maine

Gatchell half sovereign, Dublin, Ireland, about 1798
Getchell Mine certificate, 1946
Getchell ore + Getchell plant, Getchell Mine, Nevada
Maguire & Gatchell indenture of apprenticeship form, Dublin, Ireland, 1910

Getchell Oration Award, Illinois Boys State
Carol F. Getchell Award, Manager of the Year, Harvard Varsity Club
Charles M. Getchell Award, New Play, Southeastern Theatre Conference

Subject of stories:
“Beautiful Linda Getchell,” a 1965 song by John Fahey
Danny Getchell, a collection of 1993–99 stories in Crime Wave by James Ellroy
Getchell, Chapter 1, Lake Wobegon Days, a 1985 novel by Garrison Keillor
Getchell birch, Chapter 6, The Fields of Home, a 1993 novel by Ralph Moody
Tommy Gatchell, Strangers on the Heights, a 1944 novel by Manly Wade Wellman

Betsy Gatchell Photography, St. Joseph, Kansas
Gatchel Market, Tell City, Indiana
Gatchel-Jasperson Insurance, Garner, Iowa
Gatchel’s Printing Supplies, Louisville, Kentucky
Gatchell Auto Sales, Sudbury, Ontario
Gatchell Electric, Omaha, Nebraska
Gatchell Enterprises, computer consulting, Manchester, Pennsylvania
Gatchell Excavation, Epping, New Hampshire
Gatchell Hardware, Omaha, Nebraska
Gatchell Home, Atlanta, Georgia
Gatchell House Squash and Fitness Club, Trull, Somerset County, England
Gatchell Painting Company, Maynard, Massachusetts
Gatchell Realty, Norway, Maine
Gatchell Violins, Melbourne, Florida
Gatchell & Newfeld Ltd., executive producers of Chess the Musical on Broadway, 1988
Gatchell’s Muffler & Brakes, Angola, Indiana
Gatchells Restuarant, Waterford, Ireland
Gatchell & Coleman, Baltimore, Maryland, 1851
Getchell Brothers, ice manufacturer/distributor, Brewer, Maine
Getchell Builders & Home, Marinette, Wisconsin
Getchell Contstruction, San Clemente, California
Getchell Construction, San Diego, California
Getchell Corporation, construction, Monte Rio, California
Getchell Electric, Umatilla, Florida
Getchell Gold Corp, Golconda, Nevada
Getchell Group Home, Bangor, Maine
Getchell Hill Farm, Lake Stevens, Washington
Getchell Information Group, Orlando, Florida
Getchell Laundry Company, St. Joseph, Missouri
Getchell Motors, Danvers, Massachusetts
Getchell Professional Association, Nashua, New Hampshire
Getchell Roofing, Pacifica, California
Getchell & Sons, contractors, Whitman, Massachusetts
Getchell & Sons, metal fabricators, Smithfield, Rhode Island
Getchell Station, Lake Stevens, Washington
Getchell’s Body Repair & Paint, Monroe, Louisiana
Getchell’s Carpet Man, Spokane Valley, Washington
Getchell’s Cleaners, Spokane, Washington
Getchell’s Restaurant, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Getchell’s Store, Vassalboro, Maine
J. Stirling Getchell Agency, advertising, New York, New York
Joan Gatchell Artist Gallery, St. Joseph, Kansas
Kirsten Lara Getchell Photography, Studio City, California
Maguire & Gatchell Ltd., ironmongers, Dublin, Ireland (1918), WR Maguire
Mike Getchell Photography, Derby, Kansas
SW Gatchell Landscaping & Construction, Woburn, Massachusetts

Elected officials:
Dennis Getchell, Limestone, Maine, various offices, Whig and Republican
Ernest E. Getchell, Limestone, Maine House of Representatives, Republican
Fred Getchell, council member, 2001 to present, Aroostook Band of Micmacs, Presque Isle, Maine
George Washington Getchell, Plymouth, Penobscot County, Maine state house of representatives, 1876
Noble Getchell, Reno, Nevada Republican state chair, 1931; Republican National Committee member, 1940; delegate to Republican National Convention, 1940
Rick Getchell, chief (youngest elected at 25), 1997, Aroostook Band of Micmacs, Presque Isle, Maine
WW Getchell, Nome, Alaska House of Representatives 2nd District, 1915-16
Marion Getchell Schulte, Spokane, Washington, delegate to Republican National Convention, 1948

Joyce Getchell Dillon, paintings
Edith Loring Pierce Getchell, etchings, Childs Gallery
Joyce Getchell, stained glass
Scott Getchell, cartoons

John Gatchell, trumpet
Mary Gatchell, vocals + piano
Les Getchell, percussion
Robert Getchell, tenor
Robert Getchell, brass
Scott Getchell, brass

Annie Getchell, co-host, Anyplace Wild, PBS
Robert Getchell, screenplays:
Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 1974 (Best Original Screenplay, Nominee, Academy Awards; Best Screenplay, Winner, British Adademy Awards)
Bound for Glory, 1976 (Best Adapted Screenplay, Nominee, Academy Awards; also composer, “Woody and Memphis Sue”)
Mommie Dearest, 1981 (with Frank Yablans, Frank Perry, Tracy Hotchner)
Brainstorm, 1983 (with Bruce Joel Rubin, Lawrence B. Marcus, Philip Frank Messina, Robert Stitzel)
Sweet Dreams, 1985
In the Mood, 1987
Stella, 1989
This Boys Life, 1993
Point of No Return, 1993 (with Alexandra Seros)
The Client, 1994 (with Akiva Goldsman)
The Duke of Deception, in production (Paramount)