Some researchers believe Getchell is the alternate spelling to the original Gatchell. Other variations include Gatchel and Getchel. Many Gatchell and Getchell families in North America trace their roots to the same John and Samuel Gatchell/Getchell. Gatchell and Getchell are found in North American records, but only Gatchell is found in English records prior to 1636.

This site explores the connection of the Gatchell/Getchell brothers to their English roots. The Gatchell in England section is sketchy but that will grow as more information is unearthed. The Gatchell in Ireland section covers the branch that emigrated from England to Ireland. And the Gatchell/Getchell in North America section will include more information about the successive generations to John and Samuel.

Eventually, there will be a section to discuss the origins of the surname. For example, what is the significance, if any, of -chell and does it relate to surnames, such as, Mitchell, Satchell, Twitchell, and Winchell? One dictionary on surnames (Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press) suggests Gatchell (and Getchell) may be descended from the Swiss Götschel.