Gatchell in England

The Story of Trull
1569 Margaret Gatchell of Angersleigh, Somerset County, marries John Bancom of Trull, Somerset County, England

Somerset County records transcribed by Ben Getchell:
1566 (22 April) Walter Gattchell marries Cysleye Jesse in Taunton
1588 John Gattchell marries in Taunton
1607 John Gatchell marries Thomasine in Ashbrittle
1612 Hugh Gattchell marries Alyce in Taunton
1612 (April) Thomas Gatchell christened at Angersleigh (parents unknown)
1616 (1 December) Joanne Gatchell christened at Angersleigh (father apparently Thomas Gatchell)

Devon County records transcribed by Ben Getchell:
1577 (25 January) John Gatchill marries in Devon County
1602 Humfrey Gatchell marries in Devon County
1623 Christopher Gatchill marries in Devon County

(For more early Gatchell events, download 1.8 Mb file of Somerset-Devon microfiche record, courtesy of Ben Getchell)

West Hatch, Somerset County Marriages 1604 to 1782
1618 Jun 22 Ann Gatchell + Roger Weekes
1624 Apr 10 Joseph Gatchell + Alice Poole
1744 Dec 26 James Gatchell + Mary England

Thurloxton Marriages 1559-1689
1631 May 09 Martha Gatchell + Charles Hall
1664 Nov 24 Mary Gatchell + Henry Glaff
1638 May 28 Henry Gattchell + Mary Smale

Brixham Baptisms
1637 Nov 29 John Gatchell baptism, mother Jane, Brixham, County Devon, England

Somerset Archive and Record
Service at Obridge Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 7PU United Kingdom.
Births to Joseph and Edith Gatchell
1650 Oct 26 Joseph Gatchell, born Oct 21
1653 Apr 10 Thomas Gatchell, born Apr 04
1654 Nov 12 Mary Gatchell, born Nov 05
1657 Jan 31 Hannah Gatchell, born Jan 24
1660 Jul 01 Joan Gatchell, born Jun 24
1663 Apr 28 Edward Gatchell
1669 Apr 18 John Gatchell

Trull, All Saints, Baptisms 1669-1925
1672 Jun 06 Aney Gathell, daughter of Robert
1674 May 04 John Gachill, son of Robert?
1676 Aug 03 Mary Gachell, daughter of Robert/Elizabeth
1678 Nov 28 Sarah Gatchell, daughter of Robert/Elizabeth

Trull, All Saints, Burials 1678-1889
1679 Oct 20 Mary Gatchel, daughter of Robert
1704 Nov 02 Elizabeth Gatchell
1724 May 19 Robert Gatchell
1752 Feb 11 Sarah Gatchell

Dorset Marriages 1654 to 1812
1704 Sep 19 Henry Gatchell + Elizabeth Member

Dorset Marriages 1614 to 1812
1773 Nov 18 Elizabeth Gatchell + Thomas Mogaridge

Sources + direct quotes…

Henry Gatchell had been suspected of landing sheep and cattle from Ireland in 1673, (fn. 4) and by 1723 a Mr. Gatchell had a warehouse beside the Brue southwest of the high bridge.”

“In 1699 the estate {Alstone Manor] seems to have been owned by Henry Gatchell who in 1710 seems to have conveyed it to Robert Yeascombe.”

“Manuscript petition, [1711], from Edward Gatchell, a merchant of Tiverton, Devon, to the Privy Council, setting forth his wrongs suffered at the hands of Ludovicus de Wulfe, of the City of Ghent.”

“1711. GATCHELL, Edward. A challenge to the dissenters; or, several propositions, relating to the necessity of constant communion with the establish'd Church of England : wherein the objections of the dissenters (especially the Presbyterians and Independents) are obviated and defeated. Together with a serious expostulation with them; and a just appeal to their consciences. By one who was educated a dissenter. - Exon : printed by Jos. Bliss, for Philip Bishop, bookseller, in the High-Street , 1711.- [3],13p ; 8. - Preface signed: E.G. - *WSL; Dredge p.64 (Bodleian); not in DUL; ESTC t030395.”

“In Somerset the well known herds were Boucher of Greenway, Blake, Gatchell...”

Gatchell House Health Club listing

Gatchell Green map
Gatchell Lane map
Gatchell Meadow map

Counties of England map, includes Somerset and Dorset in the southwest

Gatchell in Ireland

From A Topological Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis…

“A glass-manufactory of superior description was, however, established in 1783, and is now conducted by Messrs. Gatchell and Co., who have a considerable export trade, particularly to America: in this establishment about 70 persons are employed.”

Gatchell, George, Esq., Waterford
*Gatchell, Isaac, Esq., Coolegegan, Clonbulloge, King's county
Source: A Topological Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis

Gatchell, Mrs. Jane, 33 Nelson street
Robert, 33 and 34 Pill lane--residence, 21 Leinster road, Rathmines
Samuel, & Sons, 61 Pill lane, and 8 and 9 Mountrath street
& Co., 61 Charlemont street
& Co., 8 Mecklenburgh street Upper
Robert, 6 Anderson's court

Counties of Ireland map, includes Laois, Waterford, Dublin in the southeast

Gatchell/Getchell in North America

1657-1659 Salisbury, Massachusetts records, includes Sam Gatchell/Getchell/Gechel + Woodin

A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Before 1692 by James Savage, includes Gatchell/Getchell + Woodin/Wooden

The Family of Samuel Getchell of Salisbury, Massachusetts by Everett Lamont Getchell, AM, and Frederick G. Getchell, AM, New England Genealogocial Society, Boston, 1909 (Download 1.2 Mb PDF file, courtesy of Ben Getchell)

New England Families by William Richard Cutter, AM, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1915 (Download 1.2 Mb PDF file, courtesy of Ben Getchell, for section on Samuel and John Getchell and their descendants)